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This was such a hard decision for us internally to make, but Shark Bite 2021 is going Virtual.  From the very beginnings of Shark Bite we wanted to produce a super fun and festive race with an amazing social atmosphere taking place throughout the weekend full of activities.  With everything going on with the country during this pandemic, we do not feel that we can still offer that same race experience to our participants, while maintaining the safety we would demand on ourselves.  So we are doing the next best thing and planning to offer the best Virtual race experience we can to you guys and hope you can join us for the fun. After the addition of the Challenges last year, we cannot have another addition without some sort of new challenge, so this is what we got:

We are going to offer a couple options: a Month Long Mileage Challenge (very much like what we did in May) as well as either a Virtual 5k or Virtual Half distance races with some awesome swag packages to keep you motivated.

If you are just now registering then you can please select the virtual package you would like to register for on this page.

For everyone that was currently registered before we made the switch to virtual, please do not worry as we are offering you many options and you will be receiving an email to help us move your registration to the appropriate selection.  So you know up front these will be your options to pick from:

  1. Virtual Half

  2. Virtual 5k

  3. Virtual Mileage Challenge  (Month of miles)

  4. Virtual Half + Challenge

  5. Virtual 5k + Challenge

  6. Full refund

Also to be noted is that if you paid more than the option you select you will get the difference back in a refund that we will process the beginning of November.  We want to be fair and responsible to our runners during these times so please know we do not intend to keep any registration money beyond what you are registered for.  Please keep an eye out for the email  with directions on how to select your option (transfer/refund). It is super important that we get this email back with your response so we can plan accordingly for the best virtual race experience.  Likewise, if you want to join us for one of the virtual races and add the month long challenge we will have directions for you to transfer your registration as well.

6th Annual Shark Bite Events
  • Virtual Half Marathon

  • Virtual 5k

  • Month Long Mileage Challenge

  • Virtual Half + Challenge

  • Virtual 5k + Challenge

Virtual Half & 5k
January 24 - 31, 2021
Month Long Challenge
January 1-31, 2021
You Can Do it ANYWHERE you Want

Entry Fees

Virtual Half or Virtual 5k :Entry Fees

Now - January 31, 2020      $38


Month Long Mileage Challenge


Now - January 31              $38


Combo (Virtual half or 5k) + Mileage Challenge


Now - January 31              $76



If you were registered before this switch to virtual was made, then you will or have received an email with instructions on how to pick which option you want.

If you were registered before this switch, a Full Refund is an option as long as we hear back from you by 10/31.

Packet Pickup Locations




Virtual Half or 5k

  • Awesome Finisher Medal

  • Race Buff

  • Race Sticker

Month Long Challenge

  • Super Soft T-shirt

  • Race Water Bottle

  • Mileage Sticker

Either Combo (Virtual half or 5k) + Month Long Challenge

  • Awesome Finisher Medal

  • Super Soft T-Shirt

  • Race Buff

  • Race Water Bottle

  • Race Sticker

  • Mileage Sticker


There will be no official awards for the Virtual Races, but you will be listed in the appropriate categories based on gender:

  • 9 & under

  • 10 - 14

  • 15 - 19

  • 20 - 24

  • 25 - 29

  • 30 - 34

  • 35 - 39

  • 40 - 44

  • 45 - 49

  • 50 - 54

  • 55 - 59

  • 60 - 64

  • 65 - 69

  • 70 - 74

  • 75 - 79

  • 80+

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