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Shark Bite Half Team Championships




   Men's Team - $1000                 Women's Team - $1000


We wanted to see who had the fastest Running Club/Team around, so we created this Championship race.  It is not every day that you get to represent your area or the group of guys/gals that you train so hard with everyday.  Today is your day.  Come prove that you have what it takes and stake claim to the Club/Team trophy and the prize money that comes with it. Hoist that "big check" over your head for all to see.


Last year we had a great turn out and some great competition.  We are looking forward to seeing what this year brings.


Teams will be scored by combined overall time of the teams Top 3 runners.  The team with the fastest overall time will be crowned Shark Bite Half Club/Team Champion.  Teams will need at least 3 members to score, but can have an unlimited amount on the team.


As you can see there is both and Male & Female team division.  With that, teams will be made up of all men or all women with a minimum of 3 participants.


Teams must be made and set up prior to event.  There will be no additions to teams or additional teams created the day of the event.


As this Championship grows into the future, so will the Prize Money!!


For everyone that has already pre registered and are part of a team, please make sure you get onto your account and get that updated prior to event.  Here are multiple links that will help you Create, Join, or Manage your team.

Tutorial Links:

Team FTC  

2018 Womens Champion

Team FTC

2018 Mens Champion

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